Murder in the Name of Allah

An in-depth study of how extremists exploit Islamic scripture to justify their intolerant and violent ideology, offering rare insight to atheists and theists alike.

so-called jihadists

Hardly a day passes on which an Islamic event does not make headlines. “The president of a Muslim country is assassinated by supporters of the Muslim brotherhood”;

“A European journalist is taken hostage by Islamic Jihad”;

“A Pan-American aircraft is hijacked by another Muslim group”;

“American university professors are taken into custody by Hezbollah”;

“Two passenger-carrying airplanes were slammed into the World Trade Center”.

The glare of ‘Islamic’ revolution in Iran is reflected through the flares of every gulf oil refinery.

This book is a reminder that the purpose of any religion is the spread of peace, tolerance and understanding. It argues that the meaning of Islam—submission to the will of God—has been steadily corrupted by minority elements in the community. Instead of spreading peace, the religion has been abused by fanatics and made an excuse for violence and the spread of terror, both inside and outside the faith.

In confirming the true spirit of Islam, it makes the point to followers of all religions that the future of mankind depends on the intrinsic values of love, tolerance, and freedom of conscience and of belief.

Religion Drips with Blood

Did our history begin with the curse of Cain? It is a gory tale of murder, assassination and torture in any event. So much blood has been spilled throughout history that the whole world could be painted red with it–with plenty to spare. When will man stop killing his fellow men? When will his thirst for blood ever be quenched?

Abel was the first man to be killed, by his brother, for no reason. The story of that murder has been preserved by the Quran and the Bible as a lesson to us all—it will remain as an example till the end of time. Study history, and one thing becomes clear… READ MORE